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Moviendo montañas SPANISH

Though it is a story that involves travel, it is not typical in any way… After some time living in San Francisco and with many signs indicating as such, Chelsea has a niggling feeling that it is time to leave that city. As an artist and a creative, she finds that life in the bay …

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Secretos SPANISH

Alexis has a secret about her-…er, himself. Well, it’s not really a secret—at least not outwardly—but it hasn’t been expressed aloud to anyone else, except the therapist. He hasn’t told anyone yet, but plans on telling Sofía first, mostly because she lives thousands of miles away in Buenos Aires. Alexis and Sofía have been pen …

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La chica nueva SPANISH

Taruka is the new girl at the high school in town. The story takes the reader through a year of high school that Taruka is not likely to forget. She makes friends and meets a boy, Cooper. Like Cooper and many of the students at the school Taruka is very involved in sports, so she …

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Como vuela la pelota SPANISH

Three boys. Three stories. And one sport that unites them – and maybe not the one you’d expect.For as long as they can remember, best friends Mario and Carlos have talked about playing professional baseball one day like one of their idols, Rafael Soriano of the Yankees. Though they have only played the game on …

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Debido a la tormenta SPANISH

Imagínate. Imagine. Imagine having your life turned upside down before you even knew it could be. When Andrés is just a toddler, his parents leave their small town in Honduras in search of economic opportunities that no longer exist due to the deadly hurricane that devastated the country in 1998, Hurricane Mitch. He is left …

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La mochila SPANISH

For Oscar, life is good. Living and working with his cousins in Dodge City, Kansas, he is living what one might call the American Dream. After many years Oscar finally receives his permanent resident card (green card), and opens a business, a house-painting company. The work is steady and honest. In fact, it is so …

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La niñera SPANISH

If being in the minority in a particular demographic isn’t demanding enough, Yamila discovers a family secret that threatens to derail the success she has encountered thus far at her competitive high school, even given the economic challenges confronted by her and her family. Experience the trials that Yamila faces in contrast to the seemingly …

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La reina con la corona SPANISH

COURSE DESCRIPTION: Follow a group of seventh graders as they learn about the COVID-19 pandemic and how it affects their lives, first with the close of school and then in so many other ways. La reina con la corona is also available as a download here.  It is an interactive level 2 resource.

Los tres amigos SPANISH

COURSE DESCRIPTION: As if teenaged friendships aren’t hard enough…Marissa and Jack have been best friends for as long as they can remember, only having troubles when Jack wasn’t always honest about himself. Despite their differences, their friendship endures. However, that friendship is challenged when a new student, Julio, moves to town and upsets the longstanding …

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La lucha de la vida SPANISH

COURSE DESCRIPTION: After years of living with uncertainty, first with his mother and then in foster care, J.P.’s life is finally becoming more predictable, routine and even comfortable. Now that he is living with his father, his stepmother and his two half-sisters, J.P. finally has the opportunity to learn more about himself. As a fan …

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