Moviendo montañas SPANISH

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Though it is a story that involves travel, it is not typical in any way… After some time living in San Francisco and with many signs indicating as such, Chelsea has a niggling feeling that it is time to leave that city. As an artist and a creative, she finds that life in the bay area is a little stale for her which seems to be affecting not only her art, but also every fiber of her being. So, she decides to build a new lifestyle for herself that will allow her to travel all over the world, practice her art, meet new people and build community with them. And she is going to do it all with her best pal, her motorcycle named The Phoenix. The journey is moving along swimmingly until that one day… Chelsea’s new life and lifestyle are almost brought to an abrupt halt when a catastrophic event occurs while she and The Phoenix are riding – alone – in a Mexican desert.

Will her trusty companion start again or will Chelsea’s vision end before it really has a chance to begin?

This is a level 1 book, primarily in the present tense. 4600 words/300 unique words.